Flute Lessons

​All about my teaching philosophy
& FAQ!

Teaching Philosophy

  • I am a human. You are a human. I strive to show my students that it IS possible to be yourself while achieving your professional goals!

  • My students can only do their best if I do my best. During our lesson, my attention is on you, your sound, and your effort.

  • No matter your age, ability, or experience, music is FOR YOU. ​

  • Each person has different goals, dreams, and aspirations! I will design an effective plan to help you get there step by step.

  • As lessons only last for 30-60 minutes per week, I provide students with practice techniques that will allow the student to become their own teacher AND continue to progress outside of lessons!

  • Music is WAY more than reading notes on a page! Aspects of music history and theory will be supplemented in lessons, as well as aspects of professionalism (timeliness, preparation, respect, etc.).

  • My ultimate goal is to help students find their creative voice in a fun and supportive environment and better express themselves through music.


Frequently Asked Questions


What's your teaching ~specialty~? 
I specialize in teaching flutists of all ages and abilities who struggle with performance anxiety. I am also available for beginner piano lessons.

How long are the lessons?
Lessons are available in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lengths. 

What are your lesson rates?
All lessons are $10 no matter the length you choose. The first lesson is free so the student and I can decide if we are the ultimate teacher-student duo.

Where will lessons be held?
All lessons are online as of 3/16/2020. Online lessons are offered via Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom. 

What subjects are covered in lessons?
This varies day by day, student by student. Here are some topics I teach or review in a typical lesson: tone, technique, hand position, posture, articulation, intonation, rhythm, music history, music theory, ensemble skills, and elements of professionalism

Do you have rules for cancellations, attendance, etc.?
Yes. I have a handbook for students which encompasses my policies on attendance, cancellations, student expectations, and more. You will receive a handbook via email upon the completion of lesson registration.


Student Testimonials


     "I first met Morgan the summer before my sophomore year at band camp. She helped our flute section and the other band members. It wasn't until my senior year that we got closer. As it became more apparent to me that my future would be music, I knew I would need help to take the steps to get there and I chose Morgan to be that person for me. That was one of best decisions I made.
     Morgan truly helped me blossom into the flutist that I am now. Not only that but she helped me break out of my shell and helped me overcome performance anxiety. She helped me on my college application journey and prepared me well for my college auditions, as I got into all three I tried for. Morgan was also the person to introduce me to Marietta College which is where I will be attending this fall to pursue a Music Education degree. As I continue on my music journey, I am above and beyond confident that her guidance will continue to help me into getting me where I want to be in life."

Rebecca Young

Zane Trace High School, Class of 2020

Marietta College, Class of 2024 - Music Education


Lesson Registration

Please fill out the information below. Try to be as detailed as possible!

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OMEA Junior High & Class C

  • Major scales: one octave
    C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab

  • Years of Experience: 0 - 1.5

  • Rhythms: eighth notes, dotted half notes, dotted quarter notes

  • Articulation: slurs, ties, single tonguing

  • Time Signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4

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OMEA Class B & C level

  • Major Scales: two octaves
    D, G, C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db

  • Chromatic scale starting on Bb

  • Years of Experience: 1.5 - 5

  • Rhythms: eighth-dotted sixteenth note rhythms, triplets

  • Articulation: slur 1 tongue 3, slur 3 tongue 1, tenuto-staccato, double tonguing

  • Time signatures: 4/4, 3/4, 2/4, 2/2, 6/8, 9/8

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OMEA Class A & B level

  • Major Scales: two octaves
    C, F, Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, B, E, A, D, G

  • Chromatic scales starting on any note

  • Years of Experience: 4+

  • Rhythms: sextuplets, quintuplets, hemiolas

  • Articulation: flutter tonguing, double tonguing, triple tonguing

  • Time Signatures: 5/8, 7/8, meter changes 

Not sure of your playing level?

Here are general guidelines from the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) website that I use to help clarify for which level a student is most fit.