Teaching Philosophy

  • I am a human. You are a human. I strive to show my students that it IS possible to be yourself while achieving your professional goals!

  • My students can only do their best if I do my best. During our lesson, my attention is on you, your sound, and your effort.

  • No matter your age, ability, or experience, music is FOR YOU. ​

  • Each person has different goals, dreams, and aspirations! I will design an effective plan to help you get there step by step.

  • As lessons only last for 30-60 minutes per week, I provide students with practice techniques that will allow the student to become their own teacher AND continue to progress outside of lessons!

  • Music is WAY more than reading notes on a page! Aspects of music history and theory will be supplemented in lessons, as well as aspects of professionalism (timeliness, preparation, respect, etc.).

  • My ultimate goal is to help students find their creative voice in a fun and supportive environment and better express themselves through music.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's your teaching ~specialty~? 
I specialize in teaching flutists of all ages and abilities who struggle with performance anxiety.

How long are the lessons?
Lessons are available in 30-, 45-, and 60-minute lengths. 

What are your lesson rates?
All lessons are $10 no matter the length you choose. The first lesson is free so the student and I can decide if we are the ultimate teacher-student duo.

Where will lessons be held?
All lessons are online as of 3/16/2020. Online lessons are offered via Skype, Facebook Messenger, or Zoom. 

What subjects are covered in lessons?
This varies day by day, student by student. Here are some topics I teach or review in a typical lesson: tone, technique, hand position, posture, articulation, intonation, rhythm, music history, music theory, ensemble skills, and elements of professionalism

Do you have rules for cancellations, attendance, etc.?
Yes. I have a handbook for students which encompasses my policies on attendance, cancellations, student expectations, and more. You will receive a handbook via email upon the completion of lesson registration.


Student Testimonials


Flute Lesson Registration

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Not sure of your playing level?

Here are general guidelines from the OMEA (Ohio Music Education Association) website that I use to help clarify for which level a student is most fit.


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